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Entry #3

A quick update...

2011-04-18 01:53:55 by banegame

The cool thing about not being known on NG is that when I post updates, it's really just updating myself! How entertaining. Anyhow, my mine project is being postponed while I work on something smaller to refine my skills and knowledge of TBA. A lot of people here use FL, which I am not privy to. I never used vector art for anything until deciding to create a cartoon for my kid.

Most my time is and was spent in PS doing artsy things (which I am also taking a break from to focus on my animation).

Anyway, the story I will be releasing (hopefully in less than 2 months) is about a kid who makes a wish which has a very unexpected outcome. It's going to be short and to the point and basically focusing on timing, effects animation and facial expression. Anything else you see in the piece is just there to help shoulder the story.

Here's to upholding yet another ridiculous deadline!!!!!



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2011-11-28 22:24:24

Hello, BaneGame!! Good luck with your story!
(Zal from BCA)